Current Lord: Lord Paramount

On the eastern coast of Westeros lies the Stormlands, one of the mightiest of the Seven Kingdoms and famed for it's warrior tradition. Though the ruling House of Durrandon fell with the arrival of Aegon the Conqueror, it has since been ruled by House Baratheon, descended from Aegon's own half brother.

This region is one of the smallest in all of Westeros, but it's name and legend dwarf it's physical borders. Bounded by the sea on two sides and home to stoney shores and deep forests as well as sudden and terrible storms, it is easily defended and known for the hardiness of it's strongholds.

Here the martial tradition is old and experineced, steeped in the conquests of the Durrandons of old, and centuries of warfare with it's neighbours in the Reach and Dorne. The Stormlands boasts no cities, only defensible holdfasts and towns. It is fertile enough, plenty of rain keeping the soil damp and the forests teeming with life, though it does not compare to the Riverlands or the Reach.

Here more than anywhere else save the Iron Islands or the North are men seen as tough and hardy, their long history of conflict and struggle seemingly producing in every Stormlander a sense of martial duty. Though there is much beauty to be found in the region, from the glittering seas about Tarth to the splendor of the woods and forests, the harshness of the region often disuades all but those born to it. The House of Baratheon has ruled the Stormlands for centuries - though they are, relatively speaking, a new made house.

For more information on recent events in the Stormlands, please see our State of the Realm page.

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