Current Lord: Lord Paramount

Off the western coast of Westeros lies the archipelago of the Iron Islands. Home to the Ironborn, fierce raiders and reavers that worship a deity called the Drowned God, it has been the subject of nightmares and legends since the Age of Heroes.

Once the rule of these sea-faring folk extended to the Arbor in the south, Bear Island in the north, and swept over the entirety of the Riverlands up to the shore of Blackwater Bay. Over time these vast holdings were lost to nearer kings, and the once fabled rule of the Ironborn declined. Where they had once held sway over everywhere the sea could be heard, they ruled only the lands of the Trident when Aegon the Dragon first landed.

The people of this region are known as cruel, unyielding, and murderous, worshiping a god that demands sacrifice by drowning, and engaging in raiding and reaving as a way of life. Though their fleet is mighty, they are the smallest of all the regions of Westeros, and have oft been defeated and sacked by neighboring foes. Beneath the rule of the Targaryens these ironmen often chaffed, but it was not until King Robert that they first truly attempted to revolt. Time and time again they have been cast down, only to prove their common saying - that what is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.

For more information on recent events in the Iron Islands, please see our State of the Realm page.

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