Sunspear is the seat of House Nymeros Martell and the capital of Dorne. The castle is located north of the Greenblood on the far southeastern coast of Westeros and is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The princely Water Gardens lie three leagues away on the coastal road.



Sunspear is a walled settlement, protected by three massive Winding Walls encircling one another and containing miles of narrow alleys, hidden courts, and noisy bazaars. The Threefold Gate, where the gates are lined up one behind the other, avoids the labyrinth, instead allowing straight passage on a brick path to the Old Palace.

Rising from the Old Palace is the Spear Tower, which can house noble prisoners in cells at its top, and the Tower of the Sun, which contains the seat of the Prince of Dorne.

The Sandship, the original stronghold of the Martells, is a large dun-colored building that looks like a dromond.

Shadow City

Clinging to and overshadowed by the castle's massive Winding Walls, the so-called shadow city spreads westwards. Mud-brick shops and windowless hovels are closest to the walls, then west of those are stables, inns, winesinks, pillow houses, some with walls of their own. More hovels and buildings then spread beyond those walls. The shadow city is no more than a town when compared to the Free Cities, but it is the closest thing to a true city that the Dornishmen have.

Recent Events

Following the Siege of King's Landing, the head of Gregor Clegane is sent to the Martells in Sunspear.