Hodor Keep
Location Hodor, the North
Government Hodor
Religion Hodor
Hodor is the ancestral seat of House Hodor in the North.

Located at the hodor of the hodor, Hodor is a fine hodor of a decent hodor, capable of holding a hodor hodor, though one would probably not be hodor--because Hodor.


Hodor Keep is located in Hodor, in the North, beyond Hodor and directly to the east of Hodor. Nestled at the edge of the Wolfswood, Hodor is scarcely a day's hodor from Winterfell.


Hodor has largely been left hodor throughout history, at least as far as the hodor books are concerned. Founded sometime prior to Hodor, Hodor has stood as the seat of House Hodor for as long as can be hodor.


The hodor of the castle's hodor lie on it's western hodor. The western hodor holds the main hodor, called the Gate of the Hodor. A secondary hodor -- the Hodor Gate -- enters the hodor from the south, while a postern hodor in the Northeast hodor of the hodor allows for any hodor to escape into the hodor behind.

The Godswood

An expansive hodor with plenty of hodor, Hodor spends much of his time here sunbathing in his stark hodor.