The Lost Legion is a sellsword company active in Essos. They have operated across Essos, serving clients who can afford their lofty fees.

They boast that they are descendants of Old Valyria, and have strong Valyrian blood in their veins (i.e. like aristocratic families in Volantis and Lys). Several do have the purple-colored irises common among Valyrians, so there may be some truth that they are younger sons of aristocratic families that set out to seek their fortunes as mercenaries. This is certainly the case for their leader, who left home shortly after the death of his mother.


Much like the blood of old Valyria they claim to be descended from, the Lost Legion have a long and illustrious history of killing more of their enemies than their enemies ever managed of them. They are for the most part opportunists, and have traveled across Essos in search of contracts - often finding men are more willing to pay for warriors of noble stock.

It was once rumoured that members of the Lost Legion carve their faces by means of initiation into the company. This is in fact false, for those who mark themselves thus do so merely to cultivate an aura of fear around them, and unnerve their enemies in battle.

Military Strength

The Lost Legion's military strength consists of just over two hundred men armed with a variety of weapons. They have been observed using crossbows, spear, swords, and daggers. Several members of the Lost Legion have also been seen dual-wielding weapons, including their leader.

The members of the Legion have a standard uniform. The uniform is a mixture of blue and purple with a helmet, and lots of spots to hold weaponry, including two sheaths on their backs for swords and three sheaths for daggers at their left side. Ayrmidon, a high-ranking member, had gold plates on his armor, and a golden crest on his helmet.


Members of the Lost Legion are:

  • Ghrizz, a Ghiscari sellsword sergeant. Purple eyed and dark skinned, he fights with a spear and daggers, has poor luck and a penchant for older bedslaves. His skill with weapons is renowned within the company, if not his patience.
  • Anarys, the company's spymaster.