Ser Loras Tyrell is a knight of House Tyrell. Lord Mace Tyrell's third born son. Known as the Knight of Flowers, he is a highly skilled knight and jouster. His tournament successes, dazzling good looks, and ostentatious showmanship have made him a celebrated figure in the courts of the Seven Kingdoms.

He was appointed to King Renly I Baratheon's Kingsguard in 299AC, and serves upon it faithfully for years. Rumors abound that he and King Renly carried on an inappropriate relationship, though no proof was ever found.

War of the Five Kings

During the War of the Five Kings, Loras Tyrell remained by King Renly's side. They rode together from the Siege of King's Landing to meet Lord Tywin at Harrenhal, and during the Battle of the God's Eye he and his shieldbrothers spirited the King to safety. During the Battle for King's Landing, Loras Tyrell rode at Renly's right hand as they broke the Westerland reinforcements.


Originally called the Rainbow Guard, it was renamed the Kingsguard once Renly Baratheon officialy took the Iron Throne. Loras Tyrell remained it's Lord Commander until the time of his passing.