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The War of the Five Kings was a major conflict from 299-300 AC, involving all of Westeros but Dorne and the Vale. It was fought between Iron Throne claimants Renly Baratheon, Joffery Baratheon, and Stannis Baratheon, as well as the independence movements of the North and the Iron Islands.

Most of the fighting took place in the Riverlands, as the Lannisters razed farms and villages and took castles from the Riverlords. The Starks descended to defend their allies, even as the newly crowned Renly Baratheon defeats his brother Stannis and marches north on King's Landing. The Lannisters were driven from the Riverlands, forced to regroup at Harrenhal, while Robb Stark and his northmen turned northward again to face the raiding Ironborn. With the death of Balon Greyjoy, however, this threat soon dispersed, and the newly crowned Euron Greyjoy brought the might of the Isles to bear upon the Reach.

Renly Baratheon places King's Landing under siege, even as he moved to face Tywin Lannister in Harrenhal. He was decieved, and suffered a great defeat at the God's Eye, forcing him to fall back to King's Landing. Tywin followed, and in an attempt to break the Siege of King's Landing, perished.

The Ironborn raid in the Reach, taking the Shield Islands and other lands along the coasts. The Tyrells and Redwynes retaliate, throwing the Ironmen off the mainland before breaking them at sea; first in a battle at the mouth of the Whispering Sound, then at the Battle of the Shields. With the Iron Fleet defeated and their king dead, the Ironborn turn to Asha Greyjoy to lead them, and the young Kraken bends the knee to Robb Stark in hopes of evading the South's wrath.

King Robb I Stark and King Renly I Baratheon negotiate an uneasy peace, with the North, Riverlands, Vale and Iron Islands sworn to Winterfell, and the Reach, Stormlands, Crownlands, Westerlands, and Dorne sworn to King's Landing. Neither has the strength to conquer the other, but both fear that another war is inevitable.

The Second Era, from 300 AC onward, saw peace for nine years before the War of the Bleeding Wall began. Wildlings burst south, the death of Mance Rayder not hindering their desire to slip past the Wall. At the same time, the Skagossi launch an attack in force upon the Northern coasts, and a bloody, brutal war ensues. The Starks manage to push both invaders back to their homelands, but only through much sacrifice.

In the South, the Kingdom of the Iron Throne faces a war of it's own. The War of Repayment it is called, for after taking King's Landing and uniting the south under his rule, the Iron Bank turned to Renly for the debts of the previous kings. Renly refused to pay until all eight regions once more swore to him, stating that the King of the Seven Kingdoms had taken out the loans, not the King of Four. Braavos responded by funding the King of the Tides, Aurane Waters, who launched an assault on the Stormlands even as mercenaries attacked the Crownlands. After a series of battles and several key losses, Renly sues for peace, agreeing to a new set of terms with the Iron Bank.

There is peace for a time, and in it Westeros prospers. In 341 AC, the land is thrust once more into war. Aurion the Exile, bastard son of Aegon VI Targaryen, lands with an army of bandits, warlords, and sellswords, intent on taking the Throne. Pentos strikes a deal with him, and in return for agreeing to liberate them from Braavos, land several thousand men in Crackclaw Point, which raises its Targaryen banners once more. The Pentoshi and the Clawmen sack Maidenpool, and raid much of the eastern Riverlands. The North responds, smashing their armies and invading Crackclaw Point. This would lead to the Crisis of the Claw.

The Kingdom of the Iron Throne smashes the invaders in the Crownlands, throwing them back toward the sea. The final battle - the Battle of the Hammer - sees the forces of Aurion routed for good. Though the Bastard of the East manages to escape the battle, he is later found dead upon the road to Duskendale, abandoned there by his wife, Maella Narratys.

With the death of Aurion, his armies scatter into the southern Riverlands and northern Reach, as well as the foothills of the Westerland mountains. They plague the region for years, culminating in the rise of a bandit king named Arrec of the Burning Brand, who would later style himself King Arrec of the Blackwater.

The War of the Burning Brand, as it came to be called, came to a head at the very end of autumn in 357 AC. Men from across Westeros volunteered to put down the Bandit King, and after a string of defeats Arrec was slain in the Battle of the Brand.

This last done, Westeros entered a period of peace and rebuilding. Though skirmishes still took place, and bandits and brigands still haunted forest roads and mountain passes, life was, for the most part, normal.

In 370 AC, in the height of summer, King Alesander I Baratheon arranges a Grand Tournament in King's Landing, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Treaty of Crowns, and seventy years of peace between north and south.


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