House Dayne of Starfall is a Noble House in Dorne, sworn to House Martell. Their sigil is a silver star and sword, drawn either crossed or with the sword piercing the star. Their words are "Fallen and Reborn."


House Dayne is an ancient house, tracing its lineage back ten thousand years to the dawn of days. Their ancestral home, Starfall, is said to have been raised on an island in the mouth of the Torrentine river, based around a fallen star with magical powers. His children became the Kings of the Torrentine.

Historically, House Dayne has fought many wars against the men of the Reach. King Samwell Dayne, known as Starfire, fought his way to Oldtown, razing it. The last Torrentine King was Vorian Dayne, the Sword of the Evening. He was defeated by Nymeria Martell and sent to The Wall.

The House fell on hard times following the War of the Usurper, but was relatively untouched by The War of the Five Kings.

Recent Events

346 AC - Ser Artos Dayne enters the Tournament at Sunspear as the mystery knight "The Silver Serpent." He wins and crowns Princess Alysanne Martell his Queen of Love and Beauty.

348 AC - Ser Artos Dayne was named the Sword of the Morning, the first to hold the title since the death of Ser Arthur Dayne.

357 AC - Ser Artos Dayne is made a Knight of the Kingsguard following The War of the Burning Brand.

370 AC - Ser Vayon Dayne succeeds his father as Lord of Starfall.

Members of House Dayne

  • Marlon Dayne (b. 319 AC d. 370 AC)
  • {Leila Vaith} (b. 320 AC - 361 AC)
    • Vayon Dayne (b. 345 AC)
      • Trystane Dayne (b. 349 AC)
      • Nymeria Dayne (b. 352 AC)
      • Sarella Dayne (b. 354 AC)
  • Artos Dayne (b. 330 AC)
  • {Myriah Vaith} (b. 332 AC d. 353 AC)

Historical Members

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