Gyles Gargrave is the Captain-General of the Golden Company.

Captain-General of The Golden Company
Gyles Gargrave
Gyles Gargrave1
Culture Stormlander
Aliases "The Golem"
Gender Male
Date of Birth 308AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Leadership
Skills -
Negative Traits Old Age
Liege -
Spouse Dead
Children Godry Gargrave age 33
Lyn Gargrave age 31
Favoured Weapons Huge Two Handed Axe
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters


Gyles is a formidable man, he is a huge and strong man. with huge muscles. he keeps a long beard and is a fearless as he is ruthless.


Gyles is an old man at the age of Sixty-two. he is a veteran of a thousand battles. he participated in the War of the Exile were he became the Captain-General shorty after the war after the old general died in Battle.

Gyles loved wars and battles more than Gold and women causing him to not take up Contracts with Gold alone, it requires something to catch his attention