The Fiery Hand, known also as The Lord of Light's Sacred Soldiers and Defenders of the Temple, is a group of Warriors which guard and protect the greater Red Temples of R'hllor, most notably the Temple of the Lord of Light in the free city of Volantis. Every member of the Fiery Hand is a Slave of R'hllor, and wear studded leather armor with red mail the color of rust, which yet shines as if it were new. They wield spears whose points are shaped as writhing flames.

Their number is one thousand; never more, never less. There is a saying: "a new flame is kindled for every flame that gutters out". In times of peace they chiefly guard the city district in proximity to the Red Temple, maintaining peace on the streets with their intimidating presence. The members of the Fiery Hand are considered zealots and hold their piety above all else, making them notoriously difficult to bribe. They swear directly to the High Priest of R'hllor and carry out the High Priest's will unquestioningly. In times of war, the Fiery Hand acts as a capable and well disciplined militia for the faith, ready to defend the city gates and hold whatever objective is needed of them to ensure the Temple's protection.