Ser Edmure Tully was the son of Lord Hoster Tully and the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. The knight is the younger brother of Catelyn Tully and Lysa Tully.


At the start of what becomes the War of the Five Kings, Edmure takes command of the riverlands due to his father Hoster Tully's illness. Their castle, Riverrun is eventually placed under siege by Jaime Lannister, only to be broken later by Robb Stark. Shortly after the Riverlords and Northerners declare Robb as the King in the North.

Edmure is successful in the war and successfully defends the crossing of the Red Fork against the Lannisters in a fierce battle. He eventually succeeds his father as Lord of Riverrun when he passes and faithfully serves King Stark as Lord Paramount of the Riverlands



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