The Eastern Solomon Company, also known as the Honorable Eastern Solomon Company, or just the Solomon Company, is a business centered in Volantis and is one of the first forms of a joint-stock company, formed to pursue trade with Westeros, the Free Cities, Eastern Essos, and beyond.

Although it receives business subsidies from the Volantine government(as well as from several other governments in smaller fashion) it remains a separate entity unto itself, distinctly separate from Volantis itself due to the company's joint possession by multiple partners and owners from other nations of the world.

Originally chartered as the "Company of Merchants of Volantis trading into Eastern Essos, Westeros, and the Free Cities" during the Great Reforms of Volantis in 310, the company rose to account for much of the trade in Southern Essos, the Free Cities, and some smaller parts of Westeros, particularly trade in basic commodities that included fabrics such as cottons and silks, dyes, spices, salts, teas, wines, but also trades in other markets such as bronze, copper, iron, and other precious metals, woods, and other such goods.

The company received a Charter from the Triarchs of Volantis on behalf of the Volantene People in 325, making it the oldest jointly owned independently operated business of it's sort in the world. Wealthy merchants and aristocrats from multiple nations own the Company's shares. The Volantene government owns no shares and has only very indirect control, mostly regarding it's operations within the company's main business establishment in Western Volantis.