The Brotherhood of Winged Knights was a Knightly Order founded by Petyr Baelish in 300 AC during his stint as the Lord Regent of The Vale. Originally intended to consist of seven members in honor of the Seven and serve as a personal bodyguard, it was extended to eight by Robert Arryn who wanted a larger Kingsguard than King Tommen. Sixty four knights tried out for the position in a large tourney at its inception and would serve for three year limits. In the seventy years since then, the Brotherhood as become a large knightly order with sixty four slots open for the "greatest" knights in the Vale to honor the original sixty four men who tried out.

They have since adopted a rigorous code and are a very well disciplined group sworn personally to House Arryn. Still serving as a personal bodyguard, they often guard the many members of House Arryn as well as serving as their personal guard in battles. Many are also used to dispatch mountain clans and capture fugitives or brigands.

They are currently led by Captain Lyn Waynwood.